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Manchester Female Entrepreneurs

Established in 2021, MFE was founded to bring together passionate females across Manchester. We are an inclusive community, welcoming all females who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you have a side hustle, your own business, plan to set one up in the future or are a decision maker within your current position, we would love you to be part of our entrepreneurial family.  We believe in making friends, not just contacts. We believe in giving, not just taking. We believing in helping others before helping ourselves.  

We welcome all women, including trans and non binary. 

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Manchester Female Entrepreneurs opens up the opportunity for you to meet other entrepreneurs across Manchester and expand your network.

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Building relationships is the key to success as an entrepreneur. Planting meaningful relationships will help you and/or your business grow.

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Surrounding yourself with a strong support network is crucial when times get tough (which they do). We are here to lend an ear, offer advice and even a hug!

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Come together to celebrate individual wins, inspiring others within the community to set and reach new goals. There's no achievement without inspiration.

Featured Event

Manchester Female Entrepreneurs Christmas Party

6th December 2021 – £35 Per Ticket

Join us for a Christmas party to remember 🎅🏻 We start as we mean to go on by hosting at one of the best venues in Manchester. The one and only Alberts Schloss 🎉

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female entrepreneurs

/ˈfiːmeɪl/ /ˌɒntrəprəˈnəː/

Female entrepreneurs are women who organise and manage an enterprise, especially a business.